“I think it’s such a great idea and so nice to see such a local initiative that’s been created. Many people feel London really lacks both a local and supportive atmosphere and is more a place where everyone keeps to themselves so it’s lovely to see an initiative like this garnering so much support and being so active.”

Gunpowder Spices

“You guys are the best. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your willingness to help out small businesses. It is greatly appreciated!”

Strung Pretty

“This is the most fantastic initiative, supporting small, local businesses in what is currently a very difficult climate. We all love where we live and are so lucky to have the most beautiful amenities surrounding us, but these things we take for granted now will only survive with the help and support of initiatives like this and people who nurture, promote and raise awareness of them to the wider community. Thank you!”

The Box Party

“This is a great idea to connect locals to local businesses and keep the community spirit alive!”

A Little Lusciousness

“You are just amazing!”

Golden Scissors

“It seems like a fantastic way to promote local businesses and connect the community. I am looking forward to being part of this.”

Annika Bloch

“Really lovely. The silver lining of the current situation is the support that business are giving to each other.”

Yoga Team


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