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If you have decided that you want to increase your online presence and grow your business with our unrivalled, one-of-a-kind marketing strategy then the process couldn’t be more straightforward!


Simply head to our ‘Partner with Us’ page, complete a short form and we will build your profile and do the rest. Try and ensure that you take care when you describe your business and take a little extra time to find the right high-resolution image for us to attach to your profile. Remember, this is how your new potential clients will see you advertised on our website.

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Once you have partnered with us you can start to add content on a monthly basis. We recommend that you try and add a new feature to our magazine and a video to our IGTV every month! Try and be as unique and creative as you can with your space – if you want some extra guidance we can send you over our own IGTV guide written by our experts to help you keep your content engaging.

Take a look at the bottom of our website and you will find 3 separate forms that allow you to send the content directly over to us.



Once we have your profile up and running and you have added some content we will send you a selection of marketing material. You will receive a sticker to go in your window to show people that you have joined W9 Maida Vale on their mission to bring back independent culture. We will also send over some flyers for your counter and small advertising cards for you to give out to your clients with their receipt.

In addition, we will send you a rosette for you to add to your website, if you wish (you may need a web designer as it comes in code) and please feel free to add a link from your website to ours.

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