Houseboat Maida Vale


We are a unique platform where local people check in on a weekly, if not daily to find out what is going on around their home, work or even their friends.


Follow us and watch business owners and their staff showcase their brands, as well as, giving us all a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes in W9.


We aim to make people look outwards for inspiration on how to support traditional businesses. We are aware that we’ve not been in this space for long – but we are fuelled by our love and passion for Maida Vale and the people that fill it. We will make a difference and we will source, nurture and promote local brands so others can enjoy this beautiful area as much as we do.



Braithwait Building Sketch


None of this would be possible today if it wasn’t for Braithwait’s desire to bring the local community together. A passion to discover the new and unique brands that surrounded them so that everyone else can enjoy this beautiful area as much as they do.


“We don’t see W9MAIDAVALE being just like any other local directory! We envisage something much more up-to-date, interesting and interactive. A place where people drop in on a daily basis to see what’s going on around their home, work or their friends – says Stuart.”


Join us on our journey to bring back independent culture and encourage people to spend their money locally.

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