We don’t see W9 Maida Vale being just like any other local directory! We envisage something much more up-to-date, interesting and interactive. A place where people drop in on a daily basis to see what’s going on around their home, work or their friends. 

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W9 Maida Vale is a local platform that hosts a unique Little Black Book directory of local independent businesses, a local and topical online publication, and a unique Local Loyalty Card offering its members discounts within over 100 local businesses in and around W9 Maida Vale.


We currently have over 1295 loyalty card members, 4687 magazine subscribers with an average open rate of 62.3%, we’ve had over 20K visits to our website since we launched with an average bounce rate of 51.87%. On the social media side of things, we have a total of 6227 followers with an average reach of 51.1K accounts on a monthly basis!

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Having worked alongside many local businesses we are fully aware that the entrepreneurs behind each brand do not always have the time to do everything! And, with the time and the cost that is involved in building website engagement and managing an active social media account it is often one of the things that can fall by the wayside. And, it really shouldn’t be!


Use our platform to directly market to a local audience that is literally on your doorstep. This is an excellent way for all businesses, large or small to get directly in front of their ideal customers.


Being a part of W9 Maida Vale doesn’t have to cost anything at all. All businesses that provide an offer for our loyalty card will also automatically appear within our Little Black Book directory. Should you feel the loyalty card isn’t the right fit for your business, but you still want to join, then the cost is just £10 per month.


There is no minimum term – you can choose to leave anytime you like! To leave all you have to do is send us an email and we’ll make sure that we take care of the rest within 7 days. Once you cancel, your profile you will be removed from the Little Black Book and the loyalty card. However, all magazine features will remain.


Joining us is really simple! All you have to do is fill in a short form and send it over. Try to be as accurate and creative with the content as you can and make sure that all the images you upload are of excellent quality. Remember, this is how potential clients will see you when they use our portal to search for business and what to do locally.

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We haven’t been in this space for long – but fuelled by our love for this neighbourhood and the creative minds that fill it, we will make a difference.


We will continue to source, nurture and promote unique brands so others can enjoy this beautiful area as much as we do.


Join W9 Maida Vale today and instantly save money within over 110 local independents!

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