Don’t use sugar, use Beeble Honey

Honey makes a great substitute for sugar. Beeble honey can also help you keep those calories down!

During lockdown, I decided to impress all of those around me by immersing myself in the kitchen. A real treat to have time to bake… I spent most of my childhood making cakes! Rock cakes, flapjacks, sponge cakes, brownies. I couldn’t wait to get started. I pulled out my old recipe book and was shocked by how much caster sugar was required. I can’t believe that I used so much sugar. A great solution, use honey, a natural sugar with fewer calories and a sweeter taste! You need less of it.

I decided to experiment. I have read that honey makes your cake brown more quickly, therefore less cooking time is required. Cooking honey can deteriorate the quality of the honey, it can lose essential enzymes and nutrients. Therefore, It is vital to keep the temp 40 degrees below the required heat.

I replaced the sugar weight with only 2/3 of the honey weight and that worked a treat. It was even delicious in the brownie mix, giving a toffee-like flavour!

After a couple of days of baking, I felt inspired to find new ways to cook with honey.

I popped a spoonful of honey into my rhubarb curry, superb! I paired it with goats cheese… a fabulous starter. I used a spoon of honey in a salad dressing with oil, mustard and white wine vinegar. I popped a spoon of honey onto steamed carrots to glaze, corn too and all baked veggies!

It is believed that drinking warm water with honey and a splash of lime first thing in the morning helps increase body metabolism. I can’t say that I have tried this as I have to have a coffee first thing but I have found that adding a teaspoon of honey to apple cider vinegar works a treat. I can’t manage to drink it without. I have found that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey has reduced my cholesterol and definitely curbs my appetite!

All great tips!


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